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Cloud Enablement

The Cloud.
How your employees work, how they engage together and how they interact with customers and partners using cloud computing can deliver a powerful competitive edge. Cloud Services give you the opportunity to bring better business agility and user experiences as well as a leaner, controlled economic model, including the infrastructure and management you expect from world-class cloud vendors.

The cloud offering is a game changing choice, if you have the right partner by your side

The critical decision is choosing the right partner with a proven process for taking customers to the cloud and delivering a specific value to them, who also has the technical competency and business-centric approach to make it happen. That's where page9 comes in. Our Cloud Enablement model is based on three fundamentals; our Cloud-Enablement readiness matrix, the actual transfer to the Cloud and support and follow-up.

Still debating if the cloud is the right way to go for you? Contact us to know more.

Our Partners

Amazon Web Services
SQL Azure


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