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Licensing Changes for SQL Server 2014

With each new version of SQL Server there are some changes to the licensing model. This is no different for SQL Server 2014. We've listed the major changes and their impact.

Standard Edition
Old rule: Memory was capped to 64GB.
New rule: Each instance can use up to 128GB of memory, and it can take limited advantage of the new buffer pool extension feature, which enables SSDs as a cache. In standard edition this buffer pool extension is limited to 4x the amount of memory available to SQL Server.

Passive failover servers that remain inactive until they take over require Software Assurance
Old rule: For SQL Server 2012 and prior versions, passive failover servers didn't need to have SA.
New rule: Starting from SQL 2014, for the passive failover exemption to apply SA coverage is explicitly required

Business Intelligence (BI) version
The BI version is exclusively licensed under the server + CAL model.
Old rule: Under the SQL Server 2012 BI edition licensing model, a CAL was necessary for every client that fed data to the server. Due to the nature of a BI system (aggregating business data and information from multiple sources) this could become quite expensive.
New rule: A 'waiver for batch jobs' is incorporated, meaning that the BI edition becomes more attractive to customers.

We've listed some of the most important changes to the licensing model of SQL Server. Contact us to have more information or to perform a screening of your environment.

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