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App DB Optimisation

Database management systems are pervasive in the modern world. The notion of a persistent, redundant, and highly distributable library of information has become the single most important concept in our information technology repertoire. In fact, 60% of all humans in the world interact with a database management system of some kind on a daily basis - often without using a computer at any time throughout the day.

With millions of data transactions taking place every second, it comes to little surprise that database optimisation is a area of key research for academic institutions and corporate research and development departments. From a software company’s perspective, the relational database most often serves as the core of data-driven software applications. Lack of database optimisation can incur significant costs to both the client and the company.

Some databases are relatively small and the time taken to perform a "query," or search, within the database is negligible. However, in larger databases containing millions of records or more, data optimisation can save a lot of time for even the most basic query. In any complex system utilizing a database, optimisation is crucial.

Page9 specialises in application db optimisation of the Dynamics suite (NAV, AX & GP) and Sharepoint environments.

Want to know more about the benefits of application db optimisation? Contact us so we can review your needs.

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