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Code Reviews

Design reviews are an important facet of the system development lifecycle for database applications. It is during the design review that all aspects of the database and application code are reviewed for efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy. It is imperative that all database applications, regardless of their size, are reviewed to assure that the application was design properly, efficient coding techniques were used, and the database is accessed and modified correctly and efficiently. The design review is an important process for checking the validity of design decisions and correcting errors before applications and databases are promoted to production status.

By establishing and following a systematic approach to database application design reviews, the likelihood of implementing optimal applications increases. Database development can be very complex. Only by managing and documenting the implementation process can you ensure the creation of successful and useful database applications and systems. The design review process is an efficient way to encourage a rigorous and systematic pre and post-implementation review of database applications

Multiple design reviews should be conducted over the course of an application's life. There are seven basic design review phases for a database application:

  • Conceptual Design Review: to validate the concept of the data and proposed application
  • Logical Design Review: a thorough review of all data elements, descriptions, and relationships, as well as comparison to and possibly remediation of the corporate data model
  • Physical Design Review: the database is reviewed in detail to ensure that all of the proper database parameter settings and other physical design choices were made, that a proper translation from logical model to physical database was made and that all denormalization decisions were formally documented
  • Organizational Design Review: to examine the impact of the new application/database upon the organization from a business and technological perspective
  • SQL and Application Code Review: a rigorous statement-by-statement review of every SQL statement in the application with an eye toward accuracy and performance
  • Pre-Implementation Design Review: an overall appraisal of the system components prior to implementation
  • Post-Implementation Design Review: formally review the application and database once it has run in production for awhile to determine if the application is meeting its objectives
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