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Risk Assessments

Today’s IT departments are challenged to deliver enterprise data management platforms that meets many needs. They must respond and scale to enhance applications performance, directly support business objectives, minimize service downtime, and address security concerns. The Risk Assessment program can help ensure that your SQL Server environment is correctly configured and managed to meet your needs.

Help to reduce business risks associated with downtime, performance bottlenecks, and the complexities of deploying and managing an enterprise-level, data management solution.

The assessment process compares existing environment and operational plans with Microsoft best practices for SQL Server. At the end of the process, you should have a clear understanding of potential risks that affect the implementation and ongoing support of your SQL Server environment. In addition, the assessment includes recommendations that provide a clear roadmap for remediating the risks so you can make informed decisions to support immediate and future business needs.

Interested in a risk assessment for your critical SQL Server environment? Contact us now!

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